• Our Financial Resources

    i. Service charges project-wise

    ii. Donations, Membership fees & contributions

    iii. Tribal products sales

    iv. Village community & Youth associations

  • Bank Particulars

    i. Name of Bank : State Bank of India

    ii. Address : Ambikapur, District-Surguja, Chhattisgarh, India

    iii. Account Number : 63031858443

    iv. PAN : AAFTS2923M

  • FCRA Details

    i. Name of Bank : Bank of Baroda

    ii. Address : Ambikapur, District-Surguja, Chhattisgarh, India

    iii. Account Number : 13360100001974

    iv. PAN : AAFTS2923M

  • Legal Status

    Registered under Society Registration Act, 1973, vide Registration No. BS-2380, Dated 27 November, 1998

    Nature of the Organisation

    Voluntary Social Organization



Following are the future planning S A K Memorial Educational & Cultural Society-

i. to work for the eradication of illiteracy and motivation of tribal people and slum dwellers towards sending children to formal school system (pre-Primary & Upper Primary) & vocational education.

ii. to improve Vocational Training Centre for Women.

iii. to undertake projects for the development of rural people in India.

iv. to impart legal awareness to women and girls regarding their rights and to promote women improvement in Surguja district of Chhattisgarh States.

v. to organize workshops, camps, exhibitions and sports for youths in different parts Chhattisgarh aiming at strengthening national integration & promotion of sports spirit among the youths.

vi. to implement the programmes in the field of Health & Sanitation, STDs/ HIV/ AIDS in Surguja district.

vii. to grow herbal plants and to implement IEC scheme for promotion of Indian System of Medicines in Surguja and Koreaa district and to start in other district Chhattisgarh State.

viii. to establish counseling centre for the Prevention of Alcoholism & substance ( Drugs) abuse.