• Our Financial Resources

    i. Service charges project-wise

    ii. Donations, Membership fees & contributions

    iii. Tribal products sales

    iv. Village community & Youth associations

  • Bank Particulars

    i. Name of Bank : State Bank of India

    ii. Address : Ambikapur, District-Surguja, Chhattisgarh, India

    iii. Account Number : 63031858443

    iv. PAN : AAFTS2923M

  • FCRA Details

    i. Name of Bank : Bank of Baroda

    ii. Address : Ambikapur, District-Surguja, Chhattisgarh, India

    iii. Account Number : 13360100001974

    iv. PAN : AAFTS2923M

  • Legal Status

    Registered under Society Registration Act, 1973, vide Registration No. BS-2380, Dated 27 November, 1998

    Nature of the Organisation

    Voluntary Social Organization



The main objectives of the S.A.K. Memorial Educational & Cultural Society, are as follows:

(i). To work for the educational, cultural, social and economic betterment of the people in general and SC/ ST/ Minorities in particular.

(ii). To organise and conduct functions camps, conferences, seminars, workshops, festivals & exhibitions, training centre, arts & schools with a view to promote Indian culture among the masses.

(iii). To impart moral and spiritual values and to propagate ideas in the field of education and to organise and develop moral of scientific education amongst students, so as to include the various assets of modern education, technical skills like computer education, vocational qualification to pursuit of scientific and technological relevant studies and opening of Research Institute and Training and Production Centre.

(iv). To assist in the promotion of educational, cultural and humanitarian undertakings such as Orphanages, Health Centres, Libraries, Reading rooms, Coaching, Physical training centres, charitable hospitals and working women hostels and other institution.

(v). To impart job oriented training courses (capacity and skill orientation training programs) in rural and urban areas so that they could generate income for their livelihood and self employment schemes.

(vi). To take up all the general and welfare schemes especially announced by Central and State Governments for establishment and management of shelters for old aged, senior citizen, widows, handicapped and helpless persons, street/working children and arrange for their rehabilitation for safeguarding their social and economical interest and to provide them basic support like medicine, hospitals, food, clothing and houses to live.

(vii). To run sports training centres, sports hostels & sports fields and organize developmental competitions, financial assistance to training centres, prize distribution, etc, for the sports and adventurous activities like mountaineering, skating, swimming etc.

(viii). To organise health and family welfare programmes, vaccination camps, blood donation camps, eye camp, family planning programmes and to run projects to create awareness on health and to provide medical facilities according to needs and to run Drug De Addiction and AIDS/Malaria/Tuberculosis/Cancer awareness centres and project related to them and to take effective steps to encourage Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani and Yoga for better health.

(ix). To mobilise, organise and empower artisans, weavers, craftsmen, farmers, wage-earners, weaker section, tribal, other unorganised people to enable them to act for their own personality as well as social social, economical and cultural development as an individual, as a women group, as a youth group, as a artisan group, as a farmer group, as a weaver group, as a self-help group, or as a thrift credit group.

(x). To promote the activities of protection, promotion, preservation of folk songs, dances, arts, crafts (including handicraft), culture and languages.

(xi). To conduct consumer awareness programme for making consumer aware of their right.

(xii). Promotion and extension of Khadi, Village, Cottage industries and other income generating micro enterprises with assistance in all aspects of training, establishment, marketing, forward and backward linkages to eradicate poverty.

(xiii). To promote the activities of natural resource management with special input of land and water management, soil conservation, water harvesting, micro watershed development, waste land management, farm and agro forestry, irrigation, minor forest produce, agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, fisheries and animal husbandry to generate mass employment opportunity to eradicate poverty.

(xiv). To run projects to develop and extend programmes relating to the planting of trees for environmental protection, pollution control, air pollution control to encourage masses to undertake prevention of such works which promote pollution and which endanger the environment and to generate sympathy and feeling to save wild life through wild life conservation and animal welfare programmes.

(xv). To organize programmes to promote modern agriculture & horticulture, food processing, gober gas plants, rural sanitation, solar energy, wind energy & development of energy generated from useless articles, establishment of plants for the disposal of dirty water for keeping the environment clean and beautiful.

(xvi). To implement and execute the activities of welfare, soico-economic development, health, educational awareness, motivation, poverty alleviation and other activities, programmes of Central, State Govt., other development institution, boards, corporations, financial institution, business houses, corporate sectors of national or international for the well being & holistic development of the area to improve the quality of life.